Alyian is the work Steven Aaron Hughes.

Steven is a practitioner in synchronistic digital technologies in sound and visual mediums, incorporating performance, installation and composition in exploring the facets of sensory perception working in an array of fields in the realms of entertainment, information and environmental activism.

In 2011 Hughes founded his own video production company Blue Forest Media and has since worked as a visual artist on dramatic film and music video productions collaborating with high profile national and international artists, in addition to writing for and performing in musical acts including ‘Injured Ninja’ and ‘Usurper of Modern Medicine.’ 

Artists Steven has collaborated with include ORLAN, Stelarc, Chicks on Speed, Tame Impala and The Venus Project. His works include feature documentary ‘Frackman: The Movie,’ (2015) and the Perth International Arts Festival 2016 opening event ‘HOME.’

His musical projects have been won three West Australian Music Industry Awards including ‘Most Popular Release’ and ‘Best New Artist’ and he has been invited to perform in countries including Japan, New Zealand and the USA.  Between these acts and other projects he has released four albums, six EP’s and many more singles and collaborations on a variety of music labels around the globe.

Steven is a founder of Good Times Arts inc. who have curated an annual camping, music and arts festival named ‘Camp Doogs’ since 2013. Steven was an Artist in Residence at Fremantle Arts Centre in February 2015, CerCCa in Catalonia, Spain in June 2015, at NES Artist Residency in Skagastrond, Iceland in November 2015.


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