New Podcast Interview with Stuart Watkins by Steven Hughes

Online now: I did an in-depth interview for Stuart Watkins' podcast - discussing my work with Camp Doogs, Selfless Orchestra, Stelarc and my upcoming ABC TV + iview series Biogenesis due out later this year. Thanks for having me, Stu!



2017 Thus Far... CellF, Protectors, PIAF and more Stelarc by Steven Hughes

This year has been intense so far, with many exciting projects in the works. In addition to a national tour with Doublethink Prism (, I was lucky enough to attend the 2017 summer installment of MOFO, the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) Festival of Music and Art (otherwise known as Mona Foma) in Hobart, Tasmania in January with the team behind 'CellF' the world's first neural synthesiser. I have been following the team for the past few years, documenting their journey from concept to realisation and in time this will hopefully result in a full length documentary about their daring experiment.

CellF in performance with Okkyung Lee, Museum of Old and New Art (Mona), Hobart, Jan 22nd, 2017

CellF in performance with Okkyung Lee, Museum of Old and New Art (Mona), Hobart, Jan 22nd, 2017

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I donated some more time to assisting the Beeliar Wetlands Protectors effort here in Perth, Western Australia. Avoiding the senseless destruction of precious endangered environments is everybody's responsibility. A video de-bunking a government propaganda production had a viral reaction, picking apart blatant misinformation with factual references.


I was fortunate enough to join the team for the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) 2017 - Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak. Helping bring this epic, culturally charged and vibrant work to life over a huge canopy of trees in Kings Park. The result was nothing short of magical.


I teamed up with Stelarc once more, documenting his project 'StickMan' a collaboration with artist Petro Vouris.

Stelarc and I will be travelling to Eindhoven, Netherlands next month to the STRP Biennale to create another iteration of our 'Re-wired / Re-mixed' project that premiered at PICA, Perth July last year.


And to top it all off, final touches on the second full length 'Usurper of Modern Medicine' Album were completed, I look forward to releasing this new record later in 2017.

Stelarc: Rewired / Remixed by Steven Hughes

My new collaborative project with Stelarc has just been launched. Opening on July 30th as part of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) Radical Ecologies Program, it is now on display and will be exhibited in a performance by Stelarc from August 3rd to 7th.

Head to now to take part in an interactive artwork now until September 4th. Send control messages to the robot remotely from the online interface.

ReWired / ReMixed by Stelarc

Projection Co-ordination and Media Production by Steven Aaron Hughes

Engineering, Exoskeleton Arm by Rodney Parsons

Programming, Exoskeleton Arm Control, Touchscreen & Web Interface by Steve Berrick

Radical Ecologies will feature an exciting and ambitious new project from Stelarc, a performance artist famous for technological interventions to his own body. Titled Re-Wired / Re-Mixed: Event for Dismembered Body3-7 August, is a five-day internet enabled performance, that explores the physiological and aesthetic experience of a fragmented, distributed, de-synchronized, distracted and involuntary body – wired and under surveillance. The artist wears a HUD (head up display) that enables him to see with the “eyes” of someone in London, whilst hearing with the “ears” of someone in New York. The body is also augmented by an 8 degrees-of-freedom exoskeleton so that anyone anywhere can generate involuntary movement of his right arm, using an on-line interface. The artist becomes optically and acoustically de-synchronized and performs partly involuntarily. It’s as if the body has been electronically dismembered, spatially distributed and possessed with multiple agency.

Send commands to Stelarc’s Robotic Arm using this online interface.

View the robot moving to your commands in the gallery at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) via the live video stream.

Stelarc will be performing the gallery for the following dates

(All dates and times are Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

Wednesday August 3rd / 11:00am to 5:00pm

Thursday August 4th / 11:00am to 5:00pm

Friday August 5th / 01:00pm to 7:00pm

Saturday August 6th / 11:00am to 5:00pm

Sunday August 7th / 11:00am to 5:00pm

Sam Maher - Fremantle Handpan by Steven Hughes

Performance Video of Perth musician Sam Maher, produced and recorded by myself in the quaint backyard of Amber Fresh last week. The handpan (hang drum) is a sublime instrument and it was a nice project to try and capture the sound and performance faithfully.

Watch the performance at Sam's Youtube channel below.

PS Arts Space Fremantle - Hidden Treasures I - July 7th to 13th by Steven Hughes


PS Art Space and the City of Fremantle have commissioned four video artists to create new work in response to the musical programming (curated by Davey Craddock) for the Hidden Treasures Festival in Fremantle.

Artists Statement: "During Usurper of Modern Medicine’s performance I will presenting synchronised geometric visuals that dynamically react to the music that call upon ancient symbolism and architecture, and before, and after our set I will be showing scenes from Exoterica II - a projection mapped performance piece I exhibited in Iceland in November 2015 that uses Nordic mythological motifs combined with natural imagery of Iceland, meshing human and environmental forms."

Thursday 7 July 2016, 8pm-11.30pm
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Fri 8 July, Tue 12 July & Wed 13 July, 10am-4pm

Image courtesy of Steven Aaron Hughes