Stelarc: Propel

Video Documentation and Installation Content directed by Steven Aaron Hughes


Stelarc's body was attached at the end of an industrial robot arm with a 3m task envelope. It choreographed the body's trajectory, velocity and position/orientation in the space. The performance lasted for 35 min. When this performance was completed, the body was replaced by an ear whose height was the height of the artist. The robot then performed the same choreography. The robot that choreographs the ear also carved it. These performances were supported by SymbioticA, as part of the DeMonstrable exhibition at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery. It was curated by Oron Catts, Elizabeth Stephens and Jennifer Johung, with the assistance of the Australia Council. Robot programming by Hayden Brown and James Boyle at Autronics. Special thanks to Paul Capon, Parallax Productions, Jim Tweddle, Wintech Engineering and Peter Bradbury, ABB Australia Pty Ltd.

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