Camp Doogs

Music and Arts festival held annually since 2013. Produced by Good Times Arts inc.

Camp Doogs, established in 2013, is a small creative cultural phenomenon that has grown from a gathering of WA musicians and artists into a much beloved retreat for a dedicated community of happy and loving creative folk that attracts international musicians, installation artists and more to retreat into the great south western bush and celebrate all that is good about life. 

Doogs prides itself on its secludedness (purely camping, out of mobile phone range), its secretiveness (all lineups, although hosting popular artists, aren’t ever announced, leading to no expectations and maximum enjoyment) and its community (the event is 100% BYO, we have our own ‘open-mic’ stage called Wild Doogs and we contribute large funds to commissioned art installations each year).

Growing from a humble 150 attendees in our first year, in our third instalment in 2015, we sold out our event with 750 tickets, officially hosted 28 musical artist including 10 interstate and international guests, curated 10 art installations and generally blew the minds of everyone involved. Doogs continues to grow - and we’ve never spent a single cent on advertising to this day. We are pure grass roots and community driven, growing on word of mouth and good vibes alone.

The team behind Camp Doogs is named ‘Good Times Arts inc.’ and we are 7 musicians, artists and performers from Perth who are closely affiliated with Fringe Festival, City of Perth events and a myriad of other media and creative streams. We are all good people that do this purely for the love and enjoyment and we would love some help keeping this dream alive.

Good Times Arts is Coel Healy, Stephen Bellair, Ben Konto, Dani Riebe, Steven Aaron Hughes, Matthew Aitken, Jo Lettemaier and Loren Kronemeyer.