'Place' at Kaleidoscope Festival 2016

A collaboration with Andrew Weir (NoDrums) performed in the inaugural Kaleidoscope Festival of Light across four nights in November 2016.

Highlights from Collaboration performance with NoDrums (Andrew Weir) Performed at Kaleidoscope Festival, November 2016, Joondalup Central Park, Western Australia "NoDrums (Andrew Weir) spent several weeks recording information such as sun position and air temperature, while also taking field recordings from the surrounds of Joondalup’s City Park.

Using his unique method of analysis and interpretation, NoDrums has composed a musical representation of the place, space and sound — a day distilled down to an hour. Artist Alyian (Steven Aaron Hughes) responded to the audio to create a video representation that he then broke down into its constituent parts. His piece, whilst being based on the musical composition, will evolve every night by reacting to the composition in real time, creating a feedback loop of visual and sonic information that can only exist within the bounds of each performance. Place sees NoDrums recreating the audio work with the live performance triggering the visuals to create a unique performance each night."

Performed live 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of November, 2016. Large Scale Projection Mapping Live Performance Music Composed by NoDrums (Andrew Weir) Visuals Conducted by Alyian (Steven Aaron Hughes)





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