Selfless Orchestra 'Great Barrier' Debut Performance

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Live Music and Immersive Video Performance

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat...

... and in response a new collaboration of artists, musicians, film-makers and performers have united to create a poetic statement on the future of the natural wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef.

SELFLESS is a 12-piece Post-Rock Orchestra that unites a group of established musicians from a variety of disciplines including the Perth Symphony Orchestra and popular contemporary groups live scoring a video installation exhibited upon multiple screens and surfaces in an intimate gallery setting. The group creates epic long-form cinematic instrumental music akin to contemporary groups such as Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai and Sigur Ros.

SELFLESS challenges conventions of traditional music and art in an immersive performance that breaks the fourth wall - designed to educate and empower audiences to become part of a movement to help enact positive social change through a carefully crafted poetic statement.

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Utilising footage from award winning film-makers, a live cinematic tapestry is woven that tells the narrative of this natural treasure, its rich history and our troubled relationship that has lead to the current threat of its extinction: the bleached corals and the establishment of coal mine ports that threaten its existence, alternating with the human resistance and restoration efforts to hope to save it.

The performance is a direct opportunity for the community to take action, with proceeds from ticket sales going towards grassroots activists and organisations associated with the protection and restoration of the Great Barrier Reef.

In their debut performance in April 2018, SELFLESS performed ‘Great Barrier’ for a captive audience of 200 attendees ‘in-the-round’ at PS Arts Space, Fremantle. Thanks to the ticket sales the orchestra was able to donate over two thousand dollars to two charities: Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) and the Reef Restoration Foundation.

SELFLESS creates spaces in which hope and despair co-exist, where audiences can be educated and inspired about issues of social and environmental justice. Every composition by the orchestra will be a unique exposition of the injustices in the world, aimed to encourage audiences to take direct action.

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Selfless Orchestra - Great Barrier

Directed and Produced by Steven Aaron Hughes


Steven A Hughes – Guitar

Raymond Grenfell – Bass

Jerome Turle – Drums

Madeline Antoine – Violin

Miranda Murray-Yong – Cello

Aaron Wyatt – Viola

Angus Young – Piano

Matthew Hatch – Flutes

Joni Hogan – Vocals


Roly Skender – Video Editing, Projection

Jacob Aitken – Technician

Rebecca Parker – Audio Engineering

Luna Laure – Production Assistant

Laith Tierney - Marketing

Video – Contributors

David Hannan & the Ocean Ark Alliance
Nell Schofield – Guarding the Galilee
Lock the Gate Alliance
Aia Tropwen
Frontline Action Against Coal (FLAC) Nathan Cook and Pablo Cogolios – Reef Ecoloic and Reef Restoration Foundation
Fabian Rojas

Special Thanks

Richard Todd Dominique Rae Jennifer Garland
Tom Muller and PS Art Space