Stelarc: Re-wired / Re-Mixed @ STRP Biennale 2017

'Event for the Dismembered Body' International Debut

First international iteration of Re-Wired / Re-Mixed realised at STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, Netherlands in March and April 2017. 

Stelarc performed for four days, five hours each day, wearing an internet-controlled robotic exoskeleton arm while collaborating with artists Lukas Zitzer (HeK) from Basel, Switzerland and Dimitry Vossen / Andere Wereld from Antwerp, Belgium on Audio and Video feeds respectively. Artists provided live audio and video directly streamed into the gallery and Stelarc's Eyes and Ears. 

 Project Management, Media Installation and Video by Steven Aaron Hughes. Performance by Stelarc. Featuring work of Engineer Rodney Parsons and Coding specialist Steven Berrick.

Re-Wired / Re-Mixed : Event for Dismembered Body
Was a 4 day, 5 hours a day, internet enabled installation performed at the STRP Media Arts Biennale 2017 in Eindhoven.

With live sound and video streaming using 4G mobile phones, the artist sees with the ears of someone in Basel and sees with the eyes of someone in Antwerp. Whilst anyone, anywhere can access and choreograph the artist’s arm movements with a 7 degree-of-freedom exoskeleton.

The body’s sensory and motor capabilities are effectively disconnected and distributed, generating an experience of multiple agency. The body becomes simultaneously a possessed and performing body. 

Project Coordinator and Media Production – Steven Aaron Hughes
Engineering of Exoskeleton Arm – Rodney Parsons
Programming and Web Interface – Steve Berrick

Vision from Antwerp – Andere Wereld & Dimitri Vossen
Sound from Basel – Lukas Zitzer, HeK


"Re-Wired / Re-Mixed: Event for Dismembered Body" was a four-day, five-hour a day internet enabled performance, that explores the physiological and aesthetic experience of a fragmented, distributed, de-synchronized, distracted and involuntary body - wired and under surveillance.

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