Tim Winton Speaks Out Against Fracking

A micro documentary Produced by Richard Todd, Aquarius Productions.

Shot and Edited by Steven Aaron Hughes.

Iconic multi-award winning Western Australian author Tim Winton has joined with Frack Free Future to highlight the risks of gas fracking in the lead up to the State election.

Award Winning Author and Australian Icon Tim Winton weighs in on the state of Fracking in Western Australia leading up to the 2017 election.

This documentary looks at the story of Micklo Corpus and his fight to protect his native land against Mining Companies in North Western Australia and what the future of Western Australia may look like if exploration and petroleum leases are offered to mining companies for the extraction of unconventional gas.

Footage contributed by many groups, videographers and photographers wishing to stand up for their environment.

Special thanks to Frack Free Future, Jane Hammond, Eugénie Dumont, Jules Kirby and Lock the Gate

Uses footage from

"A Fractured State" Directed by Jane Hammond

"Heritage Fight" Directed by Eugénie Dumont

"Frackman" Directed by Richard Todd, Aquarius Proudctions


Direction, Editing, Camera by Steven Aaron Hughes

Assistant Director, Sound Recording by Aaron Mccann

Produced by Richard Todd