Exoterica I

Interactive Video and Sound Installation created at CerCCA Artist Residency

The flesh reflects the environment from which it was born. Ancient Shamanic practices serve to dissolve our egos, alleviate us of our bodies and allow us to fuse connection to spirit, to the earth and the knowledge that all the material which comprises our bodies, all plants and animals are all made of the same fundamental material. Through the connection to our planet, we can see that we are all the same: patterns and forms repeat themselves, re-imagined. In the present day, our connection with nature through shamanism has become lost, rather we understand more about the body through the research and discovery of science but even through this lens, the same patterns emerge.

Exoterica is an interactive sound and light installation that enables the viewer the inner perspective of the shaman. The ability to travel between three states: the human body as we see it with our own eyes, the inner workings of the body that we have discovered through science and what the shaman sees - a connection to nature, to spirit.

In three examples of the human arm, the ear and the eyes the viewer must approach the screen to see each layer transform. With proximity the vision will change from the perceived reality to the higher connection underneath, walking closer reveals more of the image and transforms the soundscape into the ethereal realm that the Shaman perceives.


Approach the image, stand away to see the outer layer and move closer to activate a perspective transformation.

Works best for one audience member at a time standing directly in front of the image.