Camp Doogs 2017

The fifth instalment of the regional music and arts festival produced by Good Times Arts inc.

Camp Doogs continues to grow into its fifth year, attracting even more crowds and substantial music and art from around the globe.

Camp Doogs is a team effort founded by the Good Times Arts crew: Steven Aaron Hughes, Coel Healy, Stephen Bellair, Ben Konto, Matthew Aitken, Jo Lettemaier and Loren Kronemeyer. 

My role this year was media and production management in addition to all the other little things that helps pull off this majestical project.



The 5th Wave, A Doogs Surpreme, Harvey Cheese Aurora, O Superdoog, an emerald web, the uncanny valley, 3rd rockdog from the sun, fiddy shades of greys ((iWant2believe)), augmental as anything…
Come tickle the face/time continuum at CMPDGS 2O17! Wiggle n waggle to the interstella sonic bushland within. May your milo be your sundial. Maketh
manifest the lifehack of the solar system that is Y*O*U* 
“When you get here, you will already be there”
DOOGS IV was a sludge-pit dirt dessert. What comes after dessert? All the cosmic fruits. Crack that can, scan it to “the system” & oscillate to the gravitational grain waves.