Usurper of Modern Medicine: Acid Chess

Debut EP by Usurper of Modern Medicine


Debut EP
4 Tracks
4 Remixes

Acid Chess is the debut record from Usurper of Modern Medicine. Intense, groove heavy, driving music that explores live electronic experimentation, creating sonic walls of lush sound from loop based rhythms. Featuring members from popular Perth, Australian acts Injured Ninja, Mile End and Carbuncle, Acid Chess was recorded at Mixed Signal studios with engineers Crispin Wellington and Julian Robins in Nov 2010 and mixed at Loop studios with engineer Kieran Kenderessy (Injured Ninja, Birds of Tokyo). 

The EP features four original tracks including ‘Dental Plan’ and ‘Grill Washington Christ’ and four exclusive remixes from artists including French Rockets, Apricot Rail and more.


released May 20, 2011

Usurper of Modern Medicine is Steven Aaron Hughes, Cameron George, Cameron Hines


Art Design by Awesome Mountain
Engineered by Crispin Wellington and Julian Robins and Mixed Signal Studios November 2010
Mixed by Kieran Kenderessy at Loop Studios December 2010
Mastered by Steven Aaron Hughes

A Heartless Robot Productions Release HRP013